29 December 2011

Cottage Life

It doesn't get better than this.  I'll try posting a picture of winter wonderland later!

Love and warmth!
- Meaghan

27 December 2011

Creating Recipes

I just concocted this amazing dinner for myself...  Avocado and walnut spaghetti!  SO good.  It's whole grain spaghetti, walnuts, avocado, hemp hearts, salt, pepper, garlic cloves...  Deliciousness in my mouth.  A touch high calorie-wise, but so amazing.  I love when I get in cooking moods.  I REALLY need to do it more often.

Health and happiness!
- Meaghan

26 December 2011


Friends Season 2 was received for xmas (thanks, Joshie!) and that's pretty much what I plan on doing allllllllll dayyyyyy long!

God, I love Rachel and Ross!
- M

23 December 2011

22 December 2011

A Thousand Years


And I don't care that it's related to Twilight, it is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a very, very long time.  I almost believe in love again!

Still singing incessantly...
- M

21 December 2011

Empty House

It can be lonely, but it's going to be short-lived...  and I'm going to enjoy sleeping with the door open, walking around in my underwear and singing incessantly until my future roommate moves in.

Love and happiness!
- Meaghan

20 December 2011


I never thought I'd be happy to be back on facebook...  So far the highlight of being back is the someecard postings on my wall by little g aka 3g aka Courtney Davis.  So...  thanks for making me laugh.  If there's one thing fb will be good for, it's you!

Love and little g!
- Meaghan

19 December 2011

Good Monday!

Today was a really good day.  I got my staff evaluations done, the kids were really good, I got to chat with one of my "therapists"... 

It was just nice to have a super start to the week...  It's been so long since we've had one.

Love and happiness!
- M

16 December 2011

Good Feeling


Last week was so incredibly long...  It was stressful, draining and one exercise of control over another.  My poor brain.  Tomorrow I party with my friends to hopefully relieve some of this craziness!

Love and fun!
- M

15 December 2011

Handy (Wo)man!

I picked up my new tv stand today and I put it all together pretty much the instant I walked through the door.  It looks AMAZING if I do say so myself!  I've got everything set up, except the tv...  Just waiting on Brendon to come by so it can actually be removed from the box!  Then, I'll have a wicked entertainment set up!  SO EXCITED!  I'm having a xmas party Saturday, so we'll totally be busting out Just Dance 2 and perhaps some Guitar Hero.  Can't wait!

Love and happiness!
- M

14 December 2011

My Little Dreamboat

Today was a write off, let's be honest.  The highlight of my day was when one of the kids saw another child hitting, kicking and attacking me, and lo and behold, he stands in front of me, hand out, "NO, THANK YOU, (insert full name here)!  Stop hurting Meaghan!"  As I encouraged my knight in shining armor to move aside so he wouldn't get hurt, he refused.  He stood by my side for ten minutes as this power struggle ensued and as I left for my lunch, he grabbed my arm and said, "No, Meaghan, please don't go!" assuming that I was leaving because of the slap across the face I'd just received from my kindergarten attacker.

I guess those knights really do exist!  It's just too bad mine is only four years old.
Love, smiles and making good choices!
- M

13 December 2011

Making Connections

Today should have been a total write off... a total shit day.  I forced myself to see the good in the small things.  There are a number of people in my life whom I've met through my profession...  but there's not always a connection with them.  Today, during some free time, I was able to connect with someone and see that the great person I already thought they were is actually an AMAZING person. Connecting with people on a deeper level instead of the daily "Hey, how's it going?" small chat is so meaningful to me.  I'm so grateful for that.  Especially today.

Amidst all the bad, there is still SO much good.
Love, life and friendship!
- Meaghan

12 December 2011

C'mon, Xmas!

The countdown is officially on.  9 more work days until I'm off on holidays over xmas.  I CANNOT WAIT!

Health and happiness!
- M

09 December 2011


I found a new roommate today!  Totally not really that small, but it was my stress relief of the day... Yay!

To new friendships!
- Megs

07 December 2011

There's Hardwood Under There?

You know those days when you go into your room, drop your clothes on the floor and just go to bed?  And that's the only time you spend in your room?  That's been my week so far.  So, today's smallest (largest!) victory is that I have a floor again. 

Cleanliness is totally right up there with godliness.
- Meaghan

06 December 2011


Seeing you today after almost a year will probably be the highlight of my whole year!

Love you to pieces!

Friendship and family!
- M

05 December 2011


My impulse purchase was picked up today!  Yay for my new 51 inch plasma tv...  Too bad it's so heavy I can't get it out of the box! 

Sunshine and smiles!
- Meaghan

02 December 2011


Connecting with friends!  Always a blessing in disguise.

Thank you.

True friendship always!
- M

01 December 2011


Coming home and spooning with Caysee was warm and so sweet...  I did it for about 40 minutes before returning to real life.

Sunshine and happiness!
- Meaghan

30 November 2011

The Italian Job

I love having friends that I can call on a whim, they'll come over and we don't have to do anything but just chat and catch up.  There are so few people who are able to do that, so I'm super grateful for that.  Brendon and I ended up watching The Italian Job after we were done chit-chatting and I totally fell asleep watching it.  This is the first year of my life that I actually need to get eight hours of sleep...  and the first year I've ever been able to fall asleep in front of the tv.  I guess I'm officially 30 now.  My nighthawk days are over!

As is my pity party...  Welcome back, me!

Rock on!
- M

29 November 2011

My Fitness Pal

So, I decided that my pity party is over...  The lazing around, watching tv so I don't have to deal with life is not happening. 

I'm going to start using myfitnesspal again...  It's a free calorie counter program and it's so helpful/useful and motivational!  If you want to check my page out, visit http://www.myfitnesspal.com/meaghanls

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
- Meaghan

22 November 2011


Yesterday was a rough day...  I didn't want to pretend like there were any small anythings that were remotely good, so I just didn't log on.  Today was a bit better. 

Today's small victory was deciding to invest in my dog.  Obviously I love her like crazy, but I haven't cared enough to buy her decent food.  I went globe foods today and picked up a small bag of $23 dog food...  But it's from Alberta, made of animals FROM Alberta and fruit.  No chemicals, no crap by-product.  I brought it home and she kept sniffing the bag.  I poured it for her and she ate it immediately.  She isn't really the type to eat when people are around, she'll let it sit.  She went to town.  So, I guess I did good by her!  I'm happy with a happy, full bellied dog.

Happiness and smiles!
- Megs

18 November 2011


I watched this week's Glee episode tonight.  SOOOO good!  It's had its up and downs lately (ie: last week's show was terrible), but mash ups make for amazing episodes.

Songs and sunshine!
- Meaghan

16 November 2011


Today's small victory is feeling better about things... I'm still bursting out in sobs spontaneously (like you would expect anything less), but today, I felt a little more positive about things.

Health and happiness!
- Megs

15 November 2011

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

I guess I'll have to settle for spooning the dog on the couch.  She's pretty good at being the little spoon.

Happiness and health!
- M

10 November 2011

Lost Love

I can be rejoiceful that I did everything I could to save our relationship. 

I miss you already and it's only been an hour.  Thank you for loving me and letting me share part of you over the years, and more recently, over the past four months.  The person you think you are isn't the person you have to be...  but you need to realize this yourself.  I can't fix you.  And I can't be broken anymore.  I need to fix me.

I love you and I can't wait until we can be friends and I can see the person you have the power to become.

Love always and forever,

09 November 2011


When shit gets terrible, I usually stop eating.  I have, instead, forced myself to do the opposite.  I'm going to binge eat all day long.  Yay for eating your emotions!

- Meaghan

08 November 2011

Broken Heart

For the first time in months (and first time ever on this blog!), I have no victory. 

One terrible moment, with promises of more to come, has over-shadowed anything remotely awesome today.

Sorry, friends.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better...

- Meaghan

07 November 2011

Another One!

I just found show number two in the past two days that is rocking my world.  Ringer is amazing.  I may be biased courtesy of my love for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but it's pretty awesome.  I started watching The Walking Dead yesterday and am already done season 1.  Whoops!

Gotta love when you find shows you can be hooked on!

Love and television!
- Meaghan

04 November 2011

She's So Lucky...

Today ended up being pretty crap.  I fainted at work and had to leave.  Luckily, I have awesome co-workers!  Even more luckily, my parents were in town, so they came and picked me up.  My mom drove my car home...  She hadn't driven stick in awhile, so it was kind of bumpy.  I should have driven with my dad.  Haha.  Regardless, even in the worst moments, I'm so lucky to have the people in my life that I do.

Thank you.
- Megs

03 November 2011


I love those moments when you've had such a busy week and you know you're going to see your significant other.  He should be here any second and I am sooooo looking forward to that first hug.  Love!

Lots and lots of love!
- M

02 November 2011

Run Run Run!

RUNNING!  I ran today with Cays and it was pretty invigorating.  AND it was absolutely gorgeous out.  I plan on running a bunch bunch bunch more this month and then some...  Mexico in four months!  Ahhhhh!

Love and sunshine!
- Meaghan

01 November 2011

Lightroom 2

Uhhh, how did I ever edit photos without Lightroom?  Greatest thing to happen to my photography pretty much EVER.

Thanks for the hook up, Matthew!

Love and laughter!
- M

31 October 2011

Grandfatherly Love...

When my grandfather's wife died and we had to clean out the house, I took on the task of photo albums - distribution, scanning, creating photo books, etc...  I had gotten through a huge chunk of the many, MANY photo albums when my external hard drive died, taking all of those hours and photos away with it.

I bought a new scanner today and I've been working away in between trick or treaters.  I came to realize that a) my grandfather never missed any of his grandchildrens' birthdays.  Not once!  and b) that I never really truly realized the love he had for me when he was alive.  I always knew he loved me, but finding photos tonight I'd never seen before really made get it.  When I was in grade four, my school choir sang on television for Christmas.  I found pictures of it.  He took pictures of me on his television screen because that's how much he loved me.  If that's not the greatest of all types of love, I don't know what is. 

Thank you for today.  I love you back and I miss you every single day.

Love and family!
- Meaghan

28 October 2011

C'est L'Hallowe'en!

Matt and I carved three pumpkins tonight.  I am not creative at all, but they turned out really well.  We were also rewarded in the deliciousness that are pumpkin seeds.  Yum!

Love and laughter!
- M

27 October 2011

2nd Family

Totally forgot I had auditions tonight...  I was lucky I remembered when I did as I barely made it in time.  Today (and everyday) I appreciate my modeling family.  I have spent 15 years with this family and they have helped shape me into the person I am.  Thank you and I love you.

Love and family!

25 October 2011

Heart Warmer

Moments you can literally feel the warmth and love someone has for you when you're with them...  That was today.  Thank you for the mini-hang.  I love you.

Love and warmth!
- Meaghan

24 October 2011

Technically Organizing...

Today's victory seems small, but the work put into it was ridiculous.  I organized my hotmail; editing, merging and updating contacts, deleting emails, creating and sorting new folders...  A nightmare!  However, it's over now and I have a beautiful looking contact list and an inbox containing only 27 emails.  27!  The joy I feel over this small accomplishment makes me ridiculously happy inside.  Happy Monday!

Love and organization!
- Meaghan

21 October 2011


I love the excitement you get brainstorming over a vacation for next year, right in the heart of the terrible winter.  Already there are plentiful, brilliant people attending...  And it's only just in the talks part of things.  Cannot wait!

Love and sunshine!
- Megs

20 October 2011

Cleanse the Soul

A good cry can do so much. Sweating gets the bad stuff out of your skin, crying gets the bad stuff out of your heart to make room for the things you deserve.  Thanks for always letting me cry and giving me the wisdom I deny myself.

Love and tears!
- Meaghan

18 October 2011


Lights' new album.  I've been listening to it non-stop all day slash for the past week.  SOOOO good.

Now, I need someone to go to Mumford and Sons with me on the 26th!

Love and music!
- Megalicious

17 October 2011


Catching up with Stephanie!

Coffee and food and chatter...  Love it.

Love and laughter!
- Megs

13 October 2011

3 Months

Yeah, it's maybe not the huge milestone it was in high school, but I'm happy with how far we've come and I love you.


11 October 2011

Playing the Tourist

Matt and I headed to Kilbride Castle today to check it out and look around.  It was fun to find out that Matt also loves old houses...  I'm a super nerd for antiques thanks to my mom and genealogy.  I love the history of it!

Two victories today:  I rocked PIANO tonight!  I guess that's why they recommend practicing.

Love and music!
- M

10 October 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm extremely blessed to have spent it with so much of my family and many of our friends.  I love you.

Love and tofurkey!
- Meaghan

07 October 2011


I don't think I can exert anymore joy over the victory that is today, the greatest day of the year, the xmas of my life: Opening night at Queensmount.

Ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oy oy oy!

Love and POLKA!
- M

06 October 2011

Staff Meeting Cancelled!

The first Thursday of each month is (typically) our monthly staff meeting...  And it was cancelled.  So, I got to watch all my favourite Thursday night shows!  Top of the list: Vampire Diaries.  It's unbelievable how still, after all these episodes, I am still enamored with the beauty of every single cast member.  LOVE!

Love and light
- Megs

05 October 2011

Bras and Panties

(Who actually says "panties" in all seriousness?!)

I had a fitting for a show today at a lingerie store.  "Are you okay with a bra and panty?" they asked me to which I responded, "So long as you're okay with my tattoo"...  I got a raised eyebrow, followed by, "Are you kidding me?  We LOVE tattoos."  So refreshing how far the modeling world has become.  Thank you for not expecting us to be clones of one another.

Love and lingerie!
- Meaghan

04 October 2011


I never pictured myself as the "networking" type, but I facilitated a preschool network meeting for the Region of Waterloo tonight and it was amazing.  It's overwhelming as to how different and alike we all are in our work.

Love always.
- M

03 October 2011

Rock Out!

B and I busted out Guitar Hero tonight...  I miss that game.  My left fingers hurt and my arms are sore.  LOVE IT!

Rock on!
- Megs

30 September 2011

Crunketedy Crunk!

That place after a couple drinks where you become chatty and happy prior to the crazy and dancing.  That's where I am.  This is my favourite drunk.

Love and fun!
- Mmmmmm!

29 September 2011


I FINALLY have my appetite back and that is the biggest small victory I could ask for!

Love and FOOD!
- M

28 September 2011

Home at Last!

Today's victory was one I enjoy every single day; walking through my front door to my dog.  I'm always thankful to a) be done work and b) (most importantly) see my adorable pooch!


27 September 2011

26 September 2011


Small victory: spending 7 hours in the ER only to be told there's nothing wrong with me!  (Only in my head?)  Regardless, I got the rest of the day off of work...  So, I watched Twilight and had an Alias marathon.

Love and health,

24 September 2011


About to head out to dinner with the bf!  Mmm, Zen Gardens!

Love and happiness!
- M

22 September 2011

Light Me Up

Song and dance for electrical issues being resolved at a fraction of the cost!  Hooray!


21 September 2011

Being Home!

I'd have to say that my favourite part of today and my smallest, itty bitty-iest victory was coming home and sitting down!  Super long day and I'm exhausted...  Coming home today was extra amazing.

Love and a great sleep!
- Meaghan

20 September 2011

Zigga Zagga!

Bought Oktoberfest tickets today!  Favourite night of the year...  17 days and counting!

Love and happiness!
- M

19 September 2011


I have a membership on the site "weheartit" and every once in awhile I remember that I have it and spend some time browsing through pictures people love.  It's such a simple idea, but it's so amazing.  I've found and seen so many beautiful and interesting shots, people, quotations, ideas...  Check out mine, but if you hit "Explore" or search on the side, you can find pictures of everything and anything!


Have a super Monday!
Love and health.
- Meaghan

16 September 2011


Today's victory is short and sweet; it's FRIDAY!

Have a super weekend and see you back here on Monday.

Love love love!
- M

15 September 2011


I've already written this out once, but yay, technology for my dose of deja vu!

I'll be in bed in about ten minutes...  making it 9:30.  Such a small victory, such a huge impact.


14 September 2011

Saying Good-bye

Today one of my (now ex) co-workers came by to drop off THE sweetest card and some flowers for "being an awesome boss"!

Totally made my day...  Thank you!

- M

13 September 2011

Dolla Dolla Bills, Ya'll!

Yesterday: Seeing fam #2 aka my agent and picking up the best paycheque I've ever gotten from them!   Big things for me in the future, I believe!

Lots of things today!

Sims 3 (nerddddy!), eating a whole box of mini samosas (yum!) and getting a new wireless router for the cost of one dinner out (love!)! 

Have a super evening!

11 September 2011

Slowly Getting Back to Real Life...

Alright, now I have internet...  kind of.  After two calls to Rogers and a visit to the store, I now have a new modem.  Now, I just need a new wireless router.  The way things are shaping up, it seems like my house was hit by lightning last week.  CRAZY! 

Small victories: Reading in the tub!  It was cool enough tonight to have a bubble bath and just read...  Love.

Light and laughter!
- M

08 September 2011

In a Nutshell...

Sadly, my internet/cable have crashed!  I haven't had access since before last week and I've been going kind of crazy with all this new found time!  Haha.  Rogers (aka the worst company on the face of this ENTIRE company) will be coming tomorrow b/w 11 and 2.  Thanks, I'll just take most of the day off!  Work has been chaos and I had to become a really handy woman around the house repairing things and replacing fuses.

The small good parts of the past few days have been minimal...  but thanks, Matt, for keeping me sane and repairing my phone slash calling crappy Rogers!  Thanks co-workers for making the days bearable...  And thanks, mom and dad, for owning the best property in the land and allowing me to visit whenever I want.  Those cottage weekends are sometimes the only way I get through life!

Love you.

04 September 2011

Sunday Night Television

Sunday night relaxation is where it's at right now!!  Big Brother, Independence Day and Keeping Up With the Kardashians (totally my first time watching this (AND LAST!))

Love love love!
- Megs

03 September 2011


Smallest, but one of the best victories:  Perfect beach day on what may be the last beach weekend for the year...

Love and smiles.
- Megs

02 September 2011

Rough day today health-wise. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by people who care for and love me.

Thank you!  You guys are my rocks.

Love and light.

27 August 2011

Clean Freak

Days you get to clean... I've been super busy lately and haven't had time to give my house the love it deserves. I love that I have all day today to shower it with cleanliness!


25 August 2011

Two For One

I'm not sure how I forgot to post yesterday, but happiness is all around care of the no bake chocolate pieces of heaven I made (and have almost already all consumed).

Today, I have 2 words: Glee 3D. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Singing is the best thing on the planet and I will always always always wish that I'd tried to pursue a life of singing. For now, I'll deal with piano... and staring at Cory Monteith's beauty.

Love for life.
- M!

22 August 2011


I won't lie, I'm having an extremely hard time finding any kind of victory, big or small, to talk about today. My favourite politician, and a man that could have ended up being one of the greatest politicians of our time, died this morning. I've been a Jack Layton supporter for many years now and my chest is actually aching with sadness.

I will be thankful for everything Jack accomplished in his life, and for the positive difference he's made in the lives of many Canadians. He will be cherished and remembered by me always.



19 August 2011

The Past and the Future

Yesterday: 1982 Yamaha Seca = mine.

Today: Anticipation for tonight. I love having things to look forward to! Knowing that I get a whole night of the bf to myself is something I hope I never take for granted.

Have a super weekend!
- Meaghan

17 August 2011

Work Work Work...

Today I am thankful that I have such an amazing support system at work.

Are you so lucky?

Love and luck!
- Meaghan

16 August 2011

Fear, Females and Food!

3 things!

1) Conquering a fear I've had my entire life.
2) Meeting amazing and inspiring middle aged women from all over Ontario.
3) Getting to the health food store and grabbing dinner 3 minutes before the store closes. Yum, samosas!

Love and health!
- Meaghan


Very, very behind! My apologies.

Today's sweet bliss was getting an unexpected heartfelt message full of cuteness and love.

I love you.

Love always.
- Megs

08 August 2011

Being Nice

A compliment really can make a difference! During our weekly "good game, good game, good game" after dodgeball, someone looked me in the eye and said "Great arm!" I could barely high five my own team after that. I've been floating on cloud nine ever since!

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." - Mark Twain

True that, brother.

Love and laughter!
- Meaghan

07 August 2011

Beds and Resolutions

Knowing that I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight is a victory alllllllllll in itself.

Sidebar: I've resolved to give up the "f" word. I'm gonna try my hardest!

Love and sunshine!
- Meaghan

05 August 2011

Victory of the Vegan

Today's small victory was a big victory for my taste buds (and likely not a good one for my stomach), but I've discovered that Chewy Chips Ahoy are vegan and as a result, I've eaten half a bag already.

Thanks, Mr. Christie! You make good cookies indeed...

Peace and love!
- Meaghan

04 August 2011

Three In One

Realizing I contribute more to Slo Pitch than I let myself believe.

Spending the entire day being a lazy nerd with Matt.

Getting back up to the cottage and seeing that Criminal Minds has finished downloading.

Health and hope!
- M

01 August 2011

Cottage Life

There are lots today!

- Watching a child throw a temper tantrum and smiling about it because I still have another week of holidays free of children!
- Caysee listening when we called her after she ran away
- Getting down the the last chapter in my book
- Showering the sand, sunscreen and beach debris away

31 July 2011


I woke up today with a serious hangover and realized "OH MY GOD! MY BLOG!" I felt bad that it's not even a week old and I'd already forgotten to update it.

Today's victory was in realizing that the best intentions will not always be realized, but that I will ALWAYS do my best.

Love and happiness.

27 July 2011

Acting the Fool

Today I'm celebrating my ability to be immature. I spent a few hours on the beach today with friends and had some unstoppable giggles and some deep belly laughing going on. The cause? Bathroom humour.

Never stop laughing!
- M

26 July 2011

All Dolled Up!

Today's small victory was dressing up... to go to the grocery store.

Make up, hair, a cute little outfit - yes, I did. I usually don't have to wear make up in the summer because I'm extremely lucky to have pretty awesome skin (thanks, mom and dad!), but today I just felt like it. So, I did.

25 July 2011

Day 1

Right now I'm sitting on the back deck, overlooking the lake with two dogs at my side, listening to the hums and buzzing of wildlife around me, knowing that most of the world is at work while I'm on day 1 of my holidays.

Why Am I Here?

As a firm believer in making my own happiness, I wanted to keep a log of the things that make me smile or happy on a day to day basis, 1) so that I have it written down somewhere and 2) so that I never forget to be thankful for the things I do have or take what I have for granted.

So often in life we focus on all the bad things, big or small, or only on the BIG victories. Inspired by one of my dearest friends, The Book of Awesome, The Happiness Project and my own ambition, I want to celebrate the small victories of every single day.

I invite you to comment and discuss your own personal victories, (big or small), but I want to hear the most about what makes you happiest day to day.

Happiness and health,