06 November 2013

Fear and Loathing in Kitchener

The pain on the inside of my mouth has subsided...  aside from the one spot where I bit the inside of my cheek.  Turns out "You can eat immediately" does not mean "Eat immediately".  The coconut cookie bar (Healthy Foods and More: I both abhor and love you for this) was not eaten in a very classy way; coconut, chocolate and other crumbs in my car can attest to this.  Considering that half of my face was frozen until yesterday afternoon, I think I did okay.  I did bite my lip though and as it's a high traffic area, (care of my never-ending need to eat) it's quite raw and disgusting.  I don't really like people looking at me right now because I feel like it stands out and is the only thing you can see.  I don't like to feel ugly.  

There, I said it.  

Not shocking to any of you, I care what others think of me and my appearance constantly.  I read an article today claiming that selfie picture takers are all obnoxious, arrogant "please let me show you hot I am" douche bags.  Some of us selfie whores are just constantly seeking ACCEPTANCE because of our constant fear of rejection.

So many truths tonight.
Back to starting/finishing Catching Fire in a day.
Good night, friends.

Miss God
(refer to instagram for comprehension @meaghanls)

05 November 2013

Pain In My Teeth

I got to have today off.  I had planned on finishing with the xmas decorations and raking some leaves...  Unfortunately, my trip to the dentist rendered me fairly useless.  I was going in to have two cavities filled and when I got there, I found out I was having two NEW cavities filled in in addition to the two I had had from before.  And naturally, they were in three different areas of my poor mouth.  The first three needles didn't work on one side of my mouth, so I ended up with a fourth on the top of my mouth. Super delightful.  After almost two hours and over $700 later, I was free.  

While I didn't get to spend my day doing the chores I desired and instead spent the day in bed playing a couple of games of League of Legends, followed by a number of hours reading, I have to say that I am super super super grateful for the coverage I have through my school.  Of this large amount handed out for my teeth (to my beautiful dentist), I only have to pay $13 of it.  Every day, I am thankful for my job and my co-workers (love you, teaching partner!), but the benefits I have and PENSION I get make me realize how LUCKY I am to have this job.  I will never take any of it for granted.

For now, I'm off to teach modeling for 3 hours.  I'm hoping the pain in my head and mouth subside so that I don't feel inclined to hang out with Rob Ford and indulge in crack to make myself feel better.

Much love.