31 October 2011

Grandfatherly Love...

When my grandfather's wife died and we had to clean out the house, I took on the task of photo albums - distribution, scanning, creating photo books, etc...  I had gotten through a huge chunk of the many, MANY photo albums when my external hard drive died, taking all of those hours and photos away with it.

I bought a new scanner today and I've been working away in between trick or treaters.  I came to realize that a) my grandfather never missed any of his grandchildrens' birthdays.  Not once!  and b) that I never really truly realized the love he had for me when he was alive.  I always knew he loved me, but finding photos tonight I'd never seen before really made get it.  When I was in grade four, my school choir sang on television for Christmas.  I found pictures of it.  He took pictures of me on his television screen because that's how much he loved me.  If that's not the greatest of all types of love, I don't know what is. 

Thank you for today.  I love you back and I miss you every single day.

Love and family!
- Meaghan

28 October 2011

C'est L'Hallowe'en!

Matt and I carved three pumpkins tonight.  I am not creative at all, but they turned out really well.  We were also rewarded in the deliciousness that are pumpkin seeds.  Yum!

Love and laughter!
- M

27 October 2011

2nd Family

Totally forgot I had auditions tonight...  I was lucky I remembered when I did as I barely made it in time.  Today (and everyday) I appreciate my modeling family.  I have spent 15 years with this family and they have helped shape me into the person I am.  Thank you and I love you.

Love and family!

25 October 2011

Heart Warmer

Moments you can literally feel the warmth and love someone has for you when you're with them...  That was today.  Thank you for the mini-hang.  I love you.

Love and warmth!
- Meaghan

24 October 2011

Technically Organizing...

Today's victory seems small, but the work put into it was ridiculous.  I organized my hotmail; editing, merging and updating contacts, deleting emails, creating and sorting new folders...  A nightmare!  However, it's over now and I have a beautiful looking contact list and an inbox containing only 27 emails.  27!  The joy I feel over this small accomplishment makes me ridiculously happy inside.  Happy Monday!

Love and organization!
- Meaghan

21 October 2011


I love the excitement you get brainstorming over a vacation for next year, right in the heart of the terrible winter.  Already there are plentiful, brilliant people attending...  And it's only just in the talks part of things.  Cannot wait!

Love and sunshine!
- Megs

20 October 2011

Cleanse the Soul

A good cry can do so much. Sweating gets the bad stuff out of your skin, crying gets the bad stuff out of your heart to make room for the things you deserve.  Thanks for always letting me cry and giving me the wisdom I deny myself.

Love and tears!
- Meaghan

18 October 2011


Lights' new album.  I've been listening to it non-stop all day slash for the past week.  SOOOO good.

Now, I need someone to go to Mumford and Sons with me on the 26th!

Love and music!
- Megalicious

17 October 2011


Catching up with Stephanie!

Coffee and food and chatter...  Love it.

Love and laughter!
- Megs

13 October 2011

3 Months

Yeah, it's maybe not the huge milestone it was in high school, but I'm happy with how far we've come and I love you.


11 October 2011

Playing the Tourist

Matt and I headed to Kilbride Castle today to check it out and look around.  It was fun to find out that Matt also loves old houses...  I'm a super nerd for antiques thanks to my mom and genealogy.  I love the history of it!

Two victories today:  I rocked PIANO tonight!  I guess that's why they recommend practicing.

Love and music!
- M

10 October 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm extremely blessed to have spent it with so much of my family and many of our friends.  I love you.

Love and tofurkey!
- Meaghan

07 October 2011


I don't think I can exert anymore joy over the victory that is today, the greatest day of the year, the xmas of my life: Opening night at Queensmount.

Ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oy oy oy!

Love and POLKA!
- M

06 October 2011

Staff Meeting Cancelled!

The first Thursday of each month is (typically) our monthly staff meeting...  And it was cancelled.  So, I got to watch all my favourite Thursday night shows!  Top of the list: Vampire Diaries.  It's unbelievable how still, after all these episodes, I am still enamored with the beauty of every single cast member.  LOVE!

Love and light
- Megs

05 October 2011

Bras and Panties

(Who actually says "panties" in all seriousness?!)

I had a fitting for a show today at a lingerie store.  "Are you okay with a bra and panty?" they asked me to which I responded, "So long as you're okay with my tattoo"...  I got a raised eyebrow, followed by, "Are you kidding me?  We LOVE tattoos."  So refreshing how far the modeling world has become.  Thank you for not expecting us to be clones of one another.

Love and lingerie!
- Meaghan

04 October 2011


I never pictured myself as the "networking" type, but I facilitated a preschool network meeting for the Region of Waterloo tonight and it was amazing.  It's overwhelming as to how different and alike we all are in our work.

Love always.
- M

03 October 2011

Rock Out!

B and I busted out Guitar Hero tonight...  I miss that game.  My left fingers hurt and my arms are sore.  LOVE IT!

Rock on!
- Megs