27 August 2011

Clean Freak

Days you get to clean... I've been super busy lately and haven't had time to give my house the love it deserves. I love that I have all day today to shower it with cleanliness!


25 August 2011

Two For One

I'm not sure how I forgot to post yesterday, but happiness is all around care of the no bake chocolate pieces of heaven I made (and have almost already all consumed).

Today, I have 2 words: Glee 3D. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Singing is the best thing on the planet and I will always always always wish that I'd tried to pursue a life of singing. For now, I'll deal with piano... and staring at Cory Monteith's beauty.

Love for life.
- M!

22 August 2011


I won't lie, I'm having an extremely hard time finding any kind of victory, big or small, to talk about today. My favourite politician, and a man that could have ended up being one of the greatest politicians of our time, died this morning. I've been a Jack Layton supporter for many years now and my chest is actually aching with sadness.

I will be thankful for everything Jack accomplished in his life, and for the positive difference he's made in the lives of many Canadians. He will be cherished and remembered by me always.



19 August 2011

The Past and the Future

Yesterday: 1982 Yamaha Seca = mine.

Today: Anticipation for tonight. I love having things to look forward to! Knowing that I get a whole night of the bf to myself is something I hope I never take for granted.

Have a super weekend!
- Meaghan

17 August 2011

Work Work Work...

Today I am thankful that I have such an amazing support system at work.

Are you so lucky?

Love and luck!
- Meaghan

16 August 2011

Fear, Females and Food!

3 things!

1) Conquering a fear I've had my entire life.
2) Meeting amazing and inspiring middle aged women from all over Ontario.
3) Getting to the health food store and grabbing dinner 3 minutes before the store closes. Yum, samosas!

Love and health!
- Meaghan


Very, very behind! My apologies.

Today's sweet bliss was getting an unexpected heartfelt message full of cuteness and love.

I love you.

Love always.
- Megs

08 August 2011

Being Nice

A compliment really can make a difference! During our weekly "good game, good game, good game" after dodgeball, someone looked me in the eye and said "Great arm!" I could barely high five my own team after that. I've been floating on cloud nine ever since!

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." - Mark Twain

True that, brother.

Love and laughter!
- Meaghan

07 August 2011

Beds and Resolutions

Knowing that I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight is a victory alllllllllll in itself.

Sidebar: I've resolved to give up the "f" word. I'm gonna try my hardest!

Love and sunshine!
- Meaghan

05 August 2011

Victory of the Vegan

Today's small victory was a big victory for my taste buds (and likely not a good one for my stomach), but I've discovered that Chewy Chips Ahoy are vegan and as a result, I've eaten half a bag already.

Thanks, Mr. Christie! You make good cookies indeed...

Peace and love!
- Meaghan

04 August 2011

Three In One

Realizing I contribute more to Slo Pitch than I let myself believe.

Spending the entire day being a lazy nerd with Matt.

Getting back up to the cottage and seeing that Criminal Minds has finished downloading.

Health and hope!
- M

01 August 2011

Cottage Life

There are lots today!

- Watching a child throw a temper tantrum and smiling about it because I still have another week of holidays free of children!
- Caysee listening when we called her after she ran away
- Getting down the the last chapter in my book
- Showering the sand, sunscreen and beach debris away