31 July 2011


I woke up today with a serious hangover and realized "OH MY GOD! MY BLOG!" I felt bad that it's not even a week old and I'd already forgotten to update it.

Today's victory was in realizing that the best intentions will not always be realized, but that I will ALWAYS do my best.

Love and happiness.

27 July 2011

Acting the Fool

Today I'm celebrating my ability to be immature. I spent a few hours on the beach today with friends and had some unstoppable giggles and some deep belly laughing going on. The cause? Bathroom humour.

Never stop laughing!
- M

26 July 2011

All Dolled Up!

Today's small victory was dressing up... to go to the grocery store.

Make up, hair, a cute little outfit - yes, I did. I usually don't have to wear make up in the summer because I'm extremely lucky to have pretty awesome skin (thanks, mom and dad!), but today I just felt like it. So, I did.

25 July 2011

Day 1

Right now I'm sitting on the back deck, overlooking the lake with two dogs at my side, listening to the hums and buzzing of wildlife around me, knowing that most of the world is at work while I'm on day 1 of my holidays.

Why Am I Here?

As a firm believer in making my own happiness, I wanted to keep a log of the things that make me smile or happy on a day to day basis, 1) so that I have it written down somewhere and 2) so that I never forget to be thankful for the things I do have or take what I have for granted.

So often in life we focus on all the bad things, big or small, or only on the BIG victories. Inspired by one of my dearest friends, The Book of Awesome, The Happiness Project and my own ambition, I want to celebrate the small victories of every single day.

I invite you to comment and discuss your own personal victories, (big or small), but I want to hear the most about what makes you happiest day to day.

Happiness and health,