29 December 2011

Cottage Life

It doesn't get better than this.  I'll try posting a picture of winter wonderland later!

Love and warmth!
- Meaghan

27 December 2011

Creating Recipes

I just concocted this amazing dinner for myself...  Avocado and walnut spaghetti!  SO good.  It's whole grain spaghetti, walnuts, avocado, hemp hearts, salt, pepper, garlic cloves...  Deliciousness in my mouth.  A touch high calorie-wise, but so amazing.  I love when I get in cooking moods.  I REALLY need to do it more often.

Health and happiness!
- Meaghan

26 December 2011


Friends Season 2 was received for xmas (thanks, Joshie!) and that's pretty much what I plan on doing allllllllll dayyyyyy long!

God, I love Rachel and Ross!
- M

23 December 2011

22 December 2011

A Thousand Years


And I don't care that it's related to Twilight, it is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard in a very, very long time.  I almost believe in love again!

Still singing incessantly...
- M

21 December 2011

Empty House

It can be lonely, but it's going to be short-lived...  and I'm going to enjoy sleeping with the door open, walking around in my underwear and singing incessantly until my future roommate moves in.

Love and happiness!
- Meaghan

20 December 2011


I never thought I'd be happy to be back on facebook...  So far the highlight of being back is the someecard postings on my wall by little g aka 3g aka Courtney Davis.  So...  thanks for making me laugh.  If there's one thing fb will be good for, it's you!

Love and little g!
- Meaghan

19 December 2011

Good Monday!

Today was a really good day.  I got my staff evaluations done, the kids were really good, I got to chat with one of my "therapists"... 

It was just nice to have a super start to the week...  It's been so long since we've had one.

Love and happiness!
- M

16 December 2011

Good Feeling


Last week was so incredibly long...  It was stressful, draining and one exercise of control over another.  My poor brain.  Tomorrow I party with my friends to hopefully relieve some of this craziness!

Love and fun!
- M

15 December 2011

Handy (Wo)man!

I picked up my new tv stand today and I put it all together pretty much the instant I walked through the door.  It looks AMAZING if I do say so myself!  I've got everything set up, except the tv...  Just waiting on Brendon to come by so it can actually be removed from the box!  Then, I'll have a wicked entertainment set up!  SO EXCITED!  I'm having a xmas party Saturday, so we'll totally be busting out Just Dance 2 and perhaps some Guitar Hero.  Can't wait!

Love and happiness!
- M

14 December 2011

My Little Dreamboat

Today was a write off, let's be honest.  The highlight of my day was when one of the kids saw another child hitting, kicking and attacking me, and lo and behold, he stands in front of me, hand out, "NO, THANK YOU, (insert full name here)!  Stop hurting Meaghan!"  As I encouraged my knight in shining armor to move aside so he wouldn't get hurt, he refused.  He stood by my side for ten minutes as this power struggle ensued and as I left for my lunch, he grabbed my arm and said, "No, Meaghan, please don't go!" assuming that I was leaving because of the slap across the face I'd just received from my kindergarten attacker.

I guess those knights really do exist!  It's just too bad mine is only four years old.
Love, smiles and making good choices!
- M

13 December 2011

Making Connections

Today should have been a total write off... a total shit day.  I forced myself to see the good in the small things.  There are a number of people in my life whom I've met through my profession...  but there's not always a connection with them.  Today, during some free time, I was able to connect with someone and see that the great person I already thought they were is actually an AMAZING person. Connecting with people on a deeper level instead of the daily "Hey, how's it going?" small chat is so meaningful to me.  I'm so grateful for that.  Especially today.

Amidst all the bad, there is still SO much good.
Love, life and friendship!
- Meaghan

12 December 2011

C'mon, Xmas!

The countdown is officially on.  9 more work days until I'm off on holidays over xmas.  I CANNOT WAIT!

Health and happiness!
- M

09 December 2011


I found a new roommate today!  Totally not really that small, but it was my stress relief of the day... Yay!

To new friendships!
- Megs

07 December 2011

There's Hardwood Under There?

You know those days when you go into your room, drop your clothes on the floor and just go to bed?  And that's the only time you spend in your room?  That's been my week so far.  So, today's smallest (largest!) victory is that I have a floor again. 

Cleanliness is totally right up there with godliness.
- Meaghan

06 December 2011


Seeing you today after almost a year will probably be the highlight of my whole year!

Love you to pieces!

Friendship and family!
- M

05 December 2011


My impulse purchase was picked up today!  Yay for my new 51 inch plasma tv...  Too bad it's so heavy I can't get it out of the box! 

Sunshine and smiles!
- Meaghan

02 December 2011


Connecting with friends!  Always a blessing in disguise.

Thank you.

True friendship always!
- M

01 December 2011


Coming home and spooning with Caysee was warm and so sweet...  I did it for about 40 minutes before returning to real life.

Sunshine and happiness!
- Meaghan