31 January 2012

Oh, My Arm

Played dodgeball tonight...  Out of 11 games, I played 10.  Safe to say my arm is dying (currently being iced) and I've jammed my thumb (for the nth time, cancelling piano tomorrow).

And it actually hurts to type (thanks, spacebar), so I'm off.

LOVE dodgeball.  For realsies!

Love and hope!
- M

30 January 2012

Life Update

Sorrrrrrrrry.  Totally didn't post on Friday.  I promise, it's not a habit I plan on getting into!

I had a pretty super weekend.  Did a boudoir photoshoot, got to see my JJ, blazed it up with Mindy and accomplished MUCH homework doing. 

Today was back at it, but it went by super fast.  Tomorrow's going to be a long day.  I'm working early, going to a meeting, going to a workshop on naturopathy, then dodgeball... 

If I had to pick a victory today, there are too many to choose from.  I got lots of love and cuddles today from my blue class, dodgeball was rocked (go Dirty Dodgers!) and Laura is here for the night as she's working in Toronto tomorrow.  Slumber party!

Love and light!
- M

26 January 2012

And... Shift.

Today's small victory is my ability to have an ongoing shift in attitude for the positive.  Care of the people I've encountered and what they've brought to me, amongst many books, quotations and life experiences, I tend to become more and more positive.  Given what I've seen or gone through, I could have dealt with so many things in so many different ways and I would have ended up in a far, far worse place than this.  I'm so grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY for the people who have touched my life; be it long lasting or a short encounter, and my ability to want to be happy and lead the happiest life I can.  Can many people say they accomplished that by 31?  I think I'm doing pretty darn well!

Much love.  Forever and for always!
- Meaghan

25 January 2012


Unintentional napping.  I got home from work with intentions of studying, not sleeping.  I walked in the door and it hit me, so I headed up to bed for a 45 minute snooze.  Slept through my alarm.  Set it again to give myself a few minutes to wake up...  and it does not go off.  45 minutes + 2 hours.  No big deal!  I woke up ready to kick some piano ass and study the Spartan and Athenian women.  Love!

Love and knowledge!
- Meaghan

24 January 2012


I found this site the other day (thanks, pinterest) about ways to de-clutter your life over the next 100 days.  Naturally, I've misplaced the print out AND the site...  so I'll post it later.  But I started today with my camera bag.  I'm doing a shoot on Saturday (boudoir - YES!), so I wanted it organized and ready to go.  The feeling of accomplishment over something so minute is stress relieving and lately there's been much of that to go around.

How do you de-stress?  What do you love to de-clutter?  Feel free to comment!

Love and sunshine!
- M

23 January 2012

My Girls!

This is more of a great victory than a small one, but one I want to recognize today.  I am SO lucky to have the tight-knit co-workers that I do at my centre.  How many people can say that?  We have this ability to laugh off the worst days and we empower each other!

Thank you for what you do.  You girls mean so much to me!

Love and happiness!
- Meaghan

20 January 2012

Total Crush on Kate Beckinsale

Ahhhh, Underworld!  SO good.  And my date was just as good!  Thanks, Mindy, for braving the storm without even seeing the first two.  Much love!  PS - His name is Theo James and I've already pinned the sexy beast on pinterest.

Love and sunshine!
- M

19 January 2012

The Very Smallest Victory

I'm not a fan of winter.  Or cold.  Or snow.  Or anything winter-related.  I'm not a skier, snowboarder, skater...  I'll maybe go tobogganing once every five years!  I'm just not a fan.  HOWEVER!  I do have a small secret...  After a snowfall and the snow is just lying there all perfect and pretty and clean, I do love a good inhalation of that fresh snow smell.  I had that today... except I inhaled it during the blizzard I'd just finished driving through!  Second victory: I'm alive to tell the tale!

Love and warmth!
- Megs

18 January 2012


Wednesday nights are laundry nights at my house.  Not for me, not for my roommate...  but for my brother.  He makes his weekly visits to do the wash of his petit famille and we get to laugh about dumb stuff we typically wouldn't in front of anyone else.  (In the past, we've been known to rock out to Hilary Duff "Fly" and bust out.  In fact, I'm pretty sure my dad yelled at us when we came into the house still belting it out).  Anyway, our stupid laughing was over the "y u no" guy and some jokes from Mean Girls (a go to movie I forgot about and one I need to reacquaint with ASAP).  We may detest our siblings growing up, but wow, we're lucky to have each other.

Love and siblings!
- Megasena or Bitchasena as Thomasena likes to call me

17 January 2012

Go To Movies

Whenever I'm in a movie watching mood without a certain movie in mind, I have a few select "go to"s.  I watched one tonight with Brendon.  Yay, Minority Report.  Most of them are action...  Actually, I think all of my go to movies are action related.

What movies are the ones you go to?

Love and health!
- M

16 January 2012

The Bitch is Back!

OMGGGGGGG!  I totally rocked the socks off of dodgeball tonight.  During warm up, I was extremely tentative care of doing the 100 Work Out yesterday, but once I started playing all my muscle pain subsided and I killed it.  One of the best feelings is when a player on the opposite team compliments you when you're shaking hands: "You've got a crazy arm!  Good game!"  Yeahhuhhh!  I'm all warm and fuzzy inside!

Love and health!
- M

13 January 2012

Best Way to Spend a Friday

Second day in a row of seeing some of my favourite people!  Thanks for dinner, Lisa and Tim!  I had so much fun hanging out with you guys and William (and sweet little Gillian!) this evening.  I promise we'll see each other more.  Love you!

Love and light!
- Megs

12 January 2012


Today I was lucky enough to have two awesome victories!
1) I rocked my first quiz.  Turns out studying works!
2) I got to see my favourite Philion fam to catch up/watch Thursday night tv.

Love and laughter!
- Megs

11 January 2012


One of my new obsessions/favourite new artists/going to be ridiculously famous one day!


Love and music!
- M

10 January 2012

I Avoid It Like the Plague...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the bigger person and picking up the phone.  If you know anything about me, I avoid confrontation like it's my job and it is, by far, my greatest weakness in that I never stand up for myself and I'm not very good at it when it happens.  After an amazing/awful weekend, I suffered the loss of a friend.  After discussing things like adults and putting it all out there so there's ZERO misinterpretation (aka texting ruins everything), we are back on the path to making amends.  I appreciate your good intentions and the offer you made and am grateful neither one of us will miss out on the other's life.  THANK YOU.

Love and friendship!
- Megs

PS - Since yesterday, my total blog views hit over 1800!  

09 January 2012

If You Can Dodge a Wrench...

Dodgeball starts tonight!  I'm super super super excited/pumped.  I haven't played since the summer, so I can't wait to get back into it.  Best part: I'm in two leagues...  I play with my old school team tonight and I play with a brand new team tomorrow night!

Hello, beach body...  I've got 41 days to get tight!

Health and happiness!
- Meaghan

06 January 2012


Friday Friday Friday!

Isn't that a small enough victory on its own?!

Have a super weekend and see you Monday!

Love love love!
- Megacita

05 January 2012

Dear Readers

I just want to take this chance to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everyone's love and support since I started this blog.  Yesterday was a high point with 48 views and I've had more than 1700 since I started it in July.

I am SO lucky to have the friends, family and relationships that I do.  So thank YOU.  You guys are not a small victory; you're my greatest victory.

I love you.
- Meaghan

04 January 2012

My Day!

Happy Birthday to me!

Anytime the "wise" part wants to kick in, feel free... cause the "older" part totally has.

Happiness and health!
- Megs

03 January 2012

Little Miss A+

Had my first day at class today...  and LOVED IT!  I'm so happy to be back in school.  So nerdy, but so true.

Love and health!
- M

02 January 2012

Feeling Inspired

I got home today from the cottage and was inspired to both clean and cook (like an amazing house-wife to be), so I spent the brunt of the afternoon doing it.  It was nice to feel like I was a part of something normal and forget about how craptastic I've been feeling lately.

Here's hoping it continues!
Love and light!
- Megalish