25 April 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Today was super!  Yummy food, a visit from a friend I WILL be better at keeping in touch with, piano, a run, going to see the fam...  Good Wednesday!

Love and more love!
- Meaghan

24 April 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's my nephew's 2nd birthday today, so I called him and he just kept saying "at-tee!" into the phone (auntie).  So cute.  When my sister in law took the phone, he started crying because he wasn't done talking to me yet.  Haha.  So in love!

Love and birthdays!
- Megs

23 April 2012

Mmm, mmm good!

Just found an unopened bag of my organic sea salt chips under the bed...  Small victory!

Love and saltiness!
- M

20 April 2012

THIS CLOSE to Freedom!

One exam tomorrow, one exam Monday and then I'm really and truly free!

That in itself is huge.  YAY!

Love and more love!
- Megs

19 April 2012

La Musique

With the time I've had lately, I've been using it to practice piano almost every day and what a difference it makes!  I mean, duh, of course it makes a difference, but I've already gone through a level and a half in the past few weeks just because I've put my mind to it and worked hard.

This is inspiring to myself!  Now, if I can just make sure I stick at being healthy and running more often!

Love and dedication!
- M

18 April 2012


I just wanted to let you know that I forgive you.

I hope that helps to ease your conscience, despite the fact that you don't actually deserve it!

Just sayin'.

Love and laughter!
- Meaghan

17 April 2012

Ultimate Styles

So, our team had our first ultimate frisbee practice tonight.  Holy mother, what a work out.

I'm so excited.  I get to spend time with lots of nearest and dearest while running my behind off.  Should be a super awfully amazing time!

Love and sports!
- M

16 April 2012

The Book and the Dead

I love getting lost in a book.  I was waiting for something to cook, so I was reading a bit of a John Grisham novel.  As I ate, I continued reading it and became so engrossed, I was eventually only getting up for bathroom breaks.  I ended up finishing the entire 600+ pages.  Whoops!  Oh, well, it was a nice escape from life for a large part of the day.

Thomasena surprised me and came over to do laundry...  I've got him hooked on The Walking Dead.  I thought we'd get through maybe one or two episodes...  Yeah, I got to bed at 3 after we plowed through 5 of them, haha.

- Meaghan

13 April 2012

Girl's Night

Babysitting two of my favvvvvvvourite girls tonight!  We had fun doing hair and painting nails, and ending the night off with some Backyardigans and girly story books.

So lucky for the opportunity to see these ladies.  Thank you!

Love and smiles!
- M

12 April 2012


Today would have been my Nanny's 86th birthday.

I miss her every day and thank her for the time I did have with her and everything she taught me and shared with me.

Love and family!
- M

10 April 2012

The Good Life

I, for the first time in probably six years, went to the gym today.  I did an hour of classes with Laura and they totally kicked my ass.  I'm so sore already and it's only been twelve hours.  I probably won't be able to move tomorrow...  and I love it.  Thanks, Tink!

Love and fitness!
- Megs

09 April 2012


Today's victory is having friends who share in my love for vegan cuisine and don't put up ANY fight about going to these yummy restaurants!

Love and health!
- M

05 April 2012

Girl's Night

Heading to London to see my ladies for a much deserved night out.  There is promise of much laughter to be had.  I can't wait!

Love and smiles!
- M

04 April 2012

Au Revoir...

Today some of my kids got to say good bye to me.  Their book and card was so full of love and it has made my heart overflow.

Thank you from the bottom of mine because I miss that love every single day.

Love always!
- Meaghan

03 April 2012

Video Games

Solid day.  Lunch at Thrive, video games all afternoon, then a meeting at the PRC.

Good day!

Love and sunshine!
- Meaghan

02 April 2012

Ma Famille

Visits from my sweet little nephew are always always always a highlight to any day!

Thanks for the visit, family.  Love you to pieces!

Love and happiness!
- M