28 October 2013

Far Too Tired to Come Up With a Creative Title...

Hello, my friends!

After starting to cry over a stupid joke tonight at dodgeball and slamming out the door and heading into the washroom (like the 5 year old I am), it's really hit me just how tired I am.  I think I need to start napping when I get home from work or sleep when Caysee sleeps, just like mamas do with their babies.  I'm ready for bed around 8 every night, but fight it off in the hopes of making it until 10 and then just end up being wide awake until at least midnight.  And then I'm up again usually before 1 to let Caysee out and then every 2-3 hours after that unless she pees on the floor or right on my bed, which she has started doing.  (I totally started researching doggie diapers, by the way).  Other than all the peeing, Caysee seems to be doing better; I was super worried a few weeks ago.  

For now, I give into the writer's block and attempt to head to bed.

PS - had a super super super fabulous weekend with my fam jam and at Meghan's wedding.


24 October 2013

Excited for the Weekend!

Light-headed spells continued into the am.  They even woke me up a couple of times.  They make me question my sanity.  Honestly.  By the afternoon, they went away...  and thankfully!  I've been a touch cranky with my super loud children and I had to clean my house!  My new roomie moves in Saturday and my fam-jam is visiting Sunday!  I'm super pumped, but in between all of that, I also have a wedding in Toronto for one of my dearest friends that I've known since grade school. I am so so so excited for this wedding!  I'm going with my bestie and another friend from grade school, so it's going to be a super day.  Stress relief as well that my mom is coming in tomorrow to grab my poochie and dog-sit her.  No matter how cranky I get, I am always so grateful/thankful/appreciative for the people in my life.  For now, I go back to resting.  I got a bit of cleaning done, but am exhausted care of the past 36 hours.

Much love and thanks for reading!

23 October 2013

Bed for the Win

Lots of light-headed spells today...   It's been awhile.  I'd hoped maybe they had ceased to exist.  Regardless, all plans cancelled for tonight and I don't plan on moving from my bed until tomorrow.

Much love,

Ps - That gd cactus part is still embedded in my finger.

22 October 2013

Not Cool vs. Cool

Not cool:  Sticking my hand into a cactus, getting part of it stuck in the tip of my ring finger that I can't get out, even after many attempts with tweezers and even just trying to squeeze it from underneath.  Ouch.

Cool:  Got BBM.  Pin 7AD16549. Add me.  If I like you, I'll add you back.

Not cool:  Going to the dentist.

Cool: My dentist is hot and the receptionist is hysterical.  Got the morning off.  Also have benefits that only require me to pay $3!!

15 October 2013

Sleep Deprived

I think care of lack of sleep (SINCE MARCH), my body is starting to fall apart.  I still haven't 100% kicked this cold, I have zero desire to do anything and I'm ready for bed at 8pm every night.  I'm about ready to take Caysee to every single vet in KW to figure out a solution to this bladder infection.  I just want a full night's sleep.  Hell, I'd be happy with even a HALF night's sleep.  And I just want a day where I don't have to clean up pee.  17 times.

I'm exhausted and cranky and just done.  Forgive my less than decent posts as of late and if you don't happen to see many in the very near future.

I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend!  I did.  I'm so lucky!

Much much love.
And then some more!
- M

12 October 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I bought THE most beautiful dress today for a wedding I have later this month.  It is simply astounding; I cannot wait to wear it!  I feel like a little kid who just wants to wear it around the house because I love it so much.  Not only is it from one of my favourite stores, La Creme (not sure how to do accents on this laptop!), but it's worth over 500 dollars and I got it on sale for 99 (my dad would be proud)!  October 26th just needs to get here so I can see one of my favourite people get married while I wear my new favourite dress!

In addition to my new ball gown, it's also my most FAVOURITE weekend of the entire year!  Oktoberfesttttttttttttt!  Best ever.  I usually go tonight for opening festivities with Walter, but for the first time in a DECADE, I am going to a different venue instead.  No, it's not because I've outgrown Queensmount; it's because my usual crew of people couldn't come until tomorrow.  Next year, we'll go back to normal.  Also, Thanksgiving!!  I head up to the cottage Sunday for what promises to be simply gorgeous weather surrounded by people I adore.  AND it's a long weekend!  Like I could ask for anything more.
I hope everyone has an AMAZING AMAZING weekend!  I know I will!!
Love you all to pieces,

09 October 2013


Exhaustion has set in and my day has been quite boring.  Work was great, as always, but I've basically spent my evening in bed because I've been far too tired to really do much else.

So today, my smallest victory will have been chocolate covered granola and quinoa.  Mmm!

Have an amazing night.

08 October 2013

Almost Healthy

Good news, friends.  My cough is on its way out!  It's only taken three weeks,  but I'm finally getting there.  I'm hoping I'll be able to run by the end of the week.  All the weight I lost from my squats, planking and every other day runs will be shed yet again, and then some.

Oktoberfest this weekend!  I am so so so beyond pumped.  Favourite night of the year FOR SURE!  And I just recruited three more of my favourite people to go.  Then, off to the cottage for Thanksgiving with the fam jam and friends.  I can't wait.

Super short entry, but the cough starting to dwindle is a huge victory!  And Oktoberfest...  well, that's my xmas.   And long weekends are just heaven sent.

Much love,

07 October 2013

Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck and Dodge

Almost every Monday night, I come home with a pain in my shoulder.  And every Monday night, I totally don't care!  No matter how I throw or what I do, I always manage to pull out my shoulder every single time I play dodgeball.  On the drive home tonight, (after an INTENSE game where we totally came back from a 7-2 lead to an 8-7 win - GO US!!!), I questioned whether when my arm may or may not be of any use to me when I'm older, will it have been worth it?  I mean, in spite of the intense competitiveness (Eric) and the immense swearing (Leo) and the rude claiming "I don't have eyes in the back of my head!!!" (me), I love this fucking game and the people I play it with.  In 50 minutes, we get an intense work out, sometimes intense drama, lots of laughter, swearing, cheering, yelling, scrapes, pulled muscles, black eyes...  and I love it.  

Huge love and thanks to my team!  
It wouldn't be the same without you.
Your Team Captain

04 October 2013

Don't Speak, Unless What You Have To Say is More Beautiful Than Silence

Last night even I was speechless.  And enraged.  So, it was a good idea for me to steer clear of any form of writing.  I simply just do not understand why people's brains often work the way they do, when all forms of common sense and human decency are erased.  And the selfishness!  Even though other people claim their reasoning behind what they did is for your benefit.  Please. 

The butterflies died last night.  I had a really great chat last week where I was able to discuss my feelings and expectations, and the next day, I knew in my gut that it was the beginning of the end.  I had high hopes, as I always do, but they died too.  One of the things that hurts is that I feel like I have so much love to give, but that no one wants it.  I don't get it.  

In some of the early butterfly chats, I would always be apologizing for this and that, and I was told to "stop apologizing".  To be honest, I'd never realized I was doing it.  Last night, at Arbonne training (after I was awarded my gorgeous earrings!!), a woman got up to speak and was waiting for the room to quiet down.  As one of my friends finished up her convo, she said "sorry!" and the woman replied "don't ever apologize.  Apologizing devalues who you are as a person.  You can make mistakes, but don't apologize for them."  So, maybe that's what this was for me; another lesson learned about who I am and that I should never apologize for it.  And if you don't want all I have to give, then you don't deserve it anyway.

I have a lot of amazing ideas for entries in the future...  a lot that focus on personal growth and improving your own situation; the way that I strive to improve mine every day.

I expect to bounce back in no time at all.

In the mean time, I've got a gala to attend with the best and most reliable date ever.

Much love my friends.

02 October 2013

And... Sleep

I'm super sleepy and my brain is defunct for the moment.  I feel the need to share that I'm just finishing off a tube of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough and about to fall asleep to some Grissom.


01 October 2013

A Model's Life

I'm happy to say I will be heading back to an old job!  As of today, I accepted the chance to go back and teach modeling at my agency.  I am super pumped to back with my other family.  There is so much love in that place and I am excited to put forth some of my own with all of my new students.  

Short and sweet today.