07 April 2017

The Value You Place On Yourself

On Tuesday, something that I'd never imagined before happened: I met with one of my mentors, my gurus, my magical entrepreneur crush. Yes, I had worked with her, but never had I been in a room BY MYSELF with her, with me as the focus. I wish I could emphasize how special I felt that out of the thousands of people within her business, she spent time on ME. Why? Because she knows my worth. And it wasn't until we spent an hour together, that all of the things I've simply thought about myself (but never said too much about), I said OUT LOUD, and I made them real. I made them true. Do you know what a relief it was to say those things and have them heard? And not just to say them out loud, but to have somebody else agree, that yes, of course, you are all of those things and more. 

Far too often, the value we places on ourselves is how we believe we are perceived by others. And to that, I now call, "bullshit". Strangers can pretend to perceive my worth based on my appearance, my music choices, the way I dance, the things I protest, anything I believe in. They can perceive my value based on their own insecurities or jealousy, but here's the thing; I'm the one who actually gets to decide my value. And good news for you! You get to decide yours too! 

What are the things that you know deep down to be true? The things you somewhat question about yourself, the things you think someone else would laugh about? Try saying those things out loud; to your reflection, your dog, your partner, your fish, the air! It doesn't matter. Put it out in the universe. And then say it again. And again. And again. And then it just is... It won't be a matter of belief, it just will BE.

Since Tuesday, I have had random people reach out to me, that I haven't spoken to in long periods of time, and I had genuine, amazing conversations with ALL of them, and I know that it is because of this shift in my thinking. My value. My worth. Knowing that I am meant for more.

Don't ever underestimate yourself. You are valuable in ways you've never spoken out loud about.

Peace, love, and compassion.