27 June 2012

26 June 2012

Back In Touch

What were we thinking, waiting so long to hang out?  Coffee was great (mouse aside!), the party and abstract will be awesome and what up, photoshoot?! 

Love and reunions!
- Megs

25 June 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

Everything is coming up Meaghan. 

Someone actually said that to me today...  and as the day progresses, it really seems like it.  I had a super weekend, I have a new roommate, I'm feeling 110% better about life, I have many prospects...  Thank you SO SO SO much to all my friends and family that have stuck it out with me and dealt with it without complaining (Brendon).

Love muchly!

23 June 2012

Farm + Bonfire = Love!

Yesterday I got to hang with my old co-workers for a bonfire at this AMAZING farm!

It was awesome; full of love, laughter, stories and ridiculous photos!

Thanks, ladies!
Love and more love!
- Megs

21 June 2012


Arabesque Falafel Plate - This is a victory for the taste buds of all man-kind.  YUM.

Love and full bellies!
- Megs

20 June 2012


I did it.

I said what I needed to say and I'll be doing what I've needed to do for years.

You are the best and worst thing to ever happen to me.
I will love you until the day you die.

Love and closure!

19 June 2012


One of the girls with whom I partied hardy in Dominican Republic is moving in on Sunday!  Ever since I bought the house, all I've wanted is one of my friends to move in...  and now someone is!  My other roomie will remain (and he is bucketloads of amazing all on his own), so it'll be the three of us + Cays + the budgies!  I'm pretty pumped at the chance to have another lady in the house!

Love and laughter!

18 June 2012

La Musique!

Every couple of weeks I go on a new music hunt...  I spend a night just downloading and finding music that I love and/or music I've never heard of that I'm gonna give a shot.  Yesterday, as I lay out in the sun, reading The DaVinci Code (for the nth time), I got to reap the benefits of this music.  Like there was ever any doubt that Metric's new album is total gold, but there were a bunch of other goodies in there too!  Naturally, I have zero idea of what they're called, but let's just say there was a mental dance party going on in my head all day yesterday.

Love and music!
- Meaghan Magdalena

15 June 2012

New Look!

Reading other blogs inspired me to change this one up a bit...  To be honest, I never really liked the green and blue look, but it was the only blogger.com background I could deal with.  They have either added more options or I was too blind to see the other ones (likely the latter).

What do you think?
Love and health!
- Meaghan

14 June 2012

Nephew Love

I don't think I can ever get enough of this kid!  I visited this morning and I'm babysitting him tomorrow afternoon...  We're gonna try to hit up the pool since it was closed today (sad face).  I was then going to take some pictures...  and I forgot my memory card!  What an amateur move, haha.  So, we hung out and played in the sand box instead!

Love and family!
- Megs

13 June 2012


I'm a co-facilitator for a network within the Region and quarterly, I meet with other co-facilitators who run similar networks for different age groups.  I have to say, these meetings are a true joy and never fail to inspire.  They get me excited to facilitate and network, but most importantly, they get me excited over my job!  I am so lucky to work in a field I love.

Love and happiness!
- M

12 June 2012

Veggie Burger Combo

I ate Harvey's today for probably the first time this year...  Their veggie burgers are to die for.  I practically inhaled my french fries.  YUM.

Total small victory!

Love and guilty pleasures!

07 June 2012

My Trace/1g

Today was lunch with one of my most favourite people on the planet.  Thanks for the 25 minute hang...  We're doing picnic lunch next time so I get your sweet self for the full hour!  Love love love you!

Love and happiness!

06 June 2012


This is a generic small victory, but it's one I really appreciate when it happens: connecting with someone in your line of work and just "getting" each other.  I'm not even sure how to put it into words, but that happened today and I'm even more grateful considering I wasn't even going to go in the first place.  Thanks for the push, girlie!

Love and sunshine!

05 June 2012


Someone reported my blog as "spam" on facebook.  One of my "friends"!  Oh, the freedom to delete the people I believe to be behind it...  The ones I'm "friends" with by association but who actually don't really like me for no apparent reason!

Anyway!  I've been feeling down on and off and whatever else lately, hence the lack of entries. 

Much love to my family and friends.  Thank you, as always.