06 October 2015

Scatter of the Brain

Hello, lovelies.

Press play on the song before reading.

I write whilst also writing a self-reflection paper on racism and ethnicity after a really, really long day. 

So much to write and so much to say, but my brain is everywhere right now.
  • Bows and Arrows - KW's own Hunger Games?  W T F?
  • Arrests at school - Lockdown completely unrelated to the other 11 "Secure and Holds" in town
  • School and school and school - remind me why I'm doing this?
  • To roommate or not to roommate? $$$
  • Small Victory = Hugs were awesome today
  • Big Victory once this g.d. paper is done = Oktoberfest is almost here

Now picture me dancing in the kitchen to this song. My neighbours (likely) think I'm insane.

It's 1am. I should probably finish this paper. Or sleep.

Good night. <3
Love muchly,

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